Perfect grass carpet, landscaping, hydroseeding – undoubtedly TOTEX is one of the most sought-after companies when there is a need for this kind of services in the construction of sports fields.

We offer complete construction of all types of sports grounds – football stadiums, golf courses, rugby, horseback bases and other lawn areas. Totex is the only large turf producer in Bulgaria and the opportunity to work with own production makes it competitive and preferred in choosing a contractor and consultant in the construction and maintenance of sports grounds.

From 25 years we import professional, specialized seeds for sports fields. These grass blends proved in practice its exceptional qualities in the creation of many stadiums. We have the full range of professional equipment needed to build sports lawns and all sorts of natural sports grass flooring.


Surface leveling with a laser grader

Executes with extreme precision the preparation of the terrain. Precision craftsmanship and adherence to the set slopes is only possible with this type of leveling. A perfectly flat surface is achieved and a precise slope is precisely defined. The outstanding end result is guaranteed. Save time and money. Precision craftsmanship of stadiums is essential because optimal conditions must be ensured for players and minimize the possibility of possible injuries. The Surface leveling is applicable not only to stadiums. When working with this type of equipment, constant control over the terrain process is achieved, achieving the accuracy of the given slopes up to 2-3 mm. It can also be used to build large landscaping sites, to build parking lots and other construction sites. The production of a perfectly level surface reduces considerably the cost of building materials.

Terrain processing before sowing with a reverse milling machine

In order to prepare the seedbed for the grass mixes it is necessary to carry out many labor intensive operations, very manual labor is invested. We offer processing of the terrain with a specialized reversible milling machine and a seed drill which, through a single pass, performs several operations in a single way, namely: loosens the surface soil layer with a thickness of up to 10 cm, separates the particles in it, the larger ones including stones (up to 8 cm) remain in the lower layer and a layer of loose soil is distributed on the surface in which the seeds are sown.
This machine is widely used to build low-budget sports grounds and landscaping for larger or smaller sites. Applicable for the reconstruction of stadiums and sports grounds where cheap repairs are required. Suitable for grassing of orchards or meadow meadows. Clean, cost-effective and fast terrain processing.

Reinforcement for sowing with polyethylene mesh

By them increases the resistance of lawn load. TOTEX is the only company in Bulgaria that offers the application of this type of technology, respectively this type of service. The construction of sports grounds by laying a special polyethylene mesh before sowing significantly enhances the resistance of the lawn load. Reinforcement of the terrain, combined with properly selected grass mixtures, ensures the quality of the grass cover.

We offer the construction of sports grounds on this technology, which includes:

Sowing the best seed varieties through dry sowing before laying the net.

Hydroseeding with specialized grass mixtures after laying the net.

Machine dry sowing of seed varieties resistant to loading and wearing

Totex has a variety of machines and a variety of techniques for sowing specialized grass seed varieties to build soccer and golf courses, sports grounds and playgrounds as well as smaller seed drills to create perfect lawns in parks and private gardens.

Even sowing the right depth of grass seeds ensures success in the creation of lawns. The use of specialized equipment for sowing stadiums and sports grounds is a must.

We also offer mechanized sowing with grass mixtures to compress the terrains of already built stadiums. It is used for worn, intensive loading of lawns, stadiums, sports fields or for maintenance of private gardens. The specialized transplantation technique is used for repair and restoration on the grasslands of football stadiums, golf courses, horse racing grounds, playgrounds, etc.

Sowing stadiums with hydroseed

The use of hydroseeding in the construction of sports and football grounds is undoubtedly proven over time. We not only have our own equipment, we have a lot of experience in its application. With hydroseeding we do more than 400,000 square meters of grounds. Through hydroseeding we built a perfect grass covering at the stadiums in the Komatevo Sports Complex, the stadiums in Vratsa, Hissar, Elena and many other smaller playgrounds. To enhance the strength of the grass cover we also offer an additional reinforcement with a polyethylene network, which is laid with specialized equipment for its application.

Investing in professional machines for the development of sports grounds gives us the competitive advantage to act quickly and qualitatively. We have well-trained specialists with enviable, practical experience in the application of hydroseeding technology.

Professional turf laying with big rolls

TOTEX is the only Bulgarian company that has BIG ROLL (large turf) and has its own equipment for this. We have a real experience, accumulated during the delivery and installation of over 100 000 sq.m. grass stadium stables. We are the largest turf producer in Bulgaria and the ability to work with our own production lamb makes us extremely competitive. We delivered, laid and built with large rolls of turf stadiums of the FC of BFS Boyana, Olympic Stadium, Tvarditsa, Lokomotiv, Dryanovo, Dimitrovets, Kovachevtsi.

Automated irrigation systems for the stadium

Construction of irrigation systems

Construction of irrigation systems
Construction of irrigation systems

Construction of drainage systems

Construction of drainage systems
Construction of drainage systems


– Research and design
– Capturing and performing vertical planning of sports grounds

Our specialists are familiar with all the requirements and rules for building different types of sports terrains.Adequate and quickly react to all problems encountered. We have really accomplished many objects and experience respectively. That is why our opinion as a sports lawn consultant is sought after and appreciated at a high level.

Closed loop – research and design, own turf producing and seed distribution, turf delivery and laying, construction and follow-up professional advice is a convenience that customers prefer.

With us, our customers receive guaranteed high quality at affordable prices.

You have the opportunity to choose among all methods of seeding – seeding, turf laying, hydroseeding.

Our services are oriented to your satisfaction with the results achieved.

The responsibility and the conscientious fulfillment of each assigned task are the reason for the success of all realized projects.


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